David Pacquette

I am an energetic person, passionate about empowering people by using Positive Mental Attitude Training (PMA).

Through seminars, workshops, and 1-2-1 coaching I have empowered people’s lives by using hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®

I know how important it is to have a strong mind and an inner belief in yourself. At the age of twenty-four I had no ambition or goals in my life. I was also overweight. I then began one of the most difficult martial arts in the world, Muay Thai Boxing. I empowered myself and changed my life by becoming two times world champion, as well as being ranked UK number one at 70kg. I then coached other fighters and realised the importance of mental strength, inner belief and power of the mind. This led me to pursue a career in being a mind coach and language therapist.

My knowledge as a former top level sporting professional and a master of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP will empower you to make change in your life!!

Qualifications & Achievements

Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Mind Training system™
Neuro – Linguistic Programming Practitioner Mind Training system™
Quit Smoking Health Practitioner Mind Training system™
Master practitioner of Hypnosis Mind Training system™
Practitioner of Hypnosis Mind Training system™
Martial Arts Instructor – black belt KO gym™
Muay Thai Instructor KO gym™
Boxing Instructor KO gym™
Kickboxing Instructor KO gym™
Gym Instructor Y.M.C.A.
First Aid Level II Y.M.C.A.
Circuit Training Level II Y.M.C.A.
Nutrition & Weight Management Level 3 Y.M.C.
Personal trainer Level 3 I.C.F.
British Champion I.M.T.F.
English Champion W.M.T.O.
English Champion W.K.P.L.
English Champion W.K.N World Champion Capital Punishment World Champion

I offer the following services Seminars and workshops:
∙ Reducing stress at work
∙ Heart of a Champion: giving children focus in their life and a postive mindset
∙ Mindful eating
∙ Sports mental strength: training the mind to handle the pressures of sports performance
∙ Personal breakthrough

1-2-1 coaching and hypnotherapy:
∙ Anxiety
∙ Build confidence
∙ Stop Smoking
∙ Personal breakthrough
∙ Procrastination

Please refer to the services page for more detail.

Email me at david@pma1training.co.uk or call 07915 074812. I offer a free, no obligation consultation.