Yusuf Ali-Taleb

Gym Bloodline Gym
Trainer Paul Marut
Age 25
Style Muay Thai & K1
Weight 75kg-77kg
Height 182CM
Fights 11
Wins 9
Losses 2
Draws 0
KO 4
Title 1 W.K.U. English Champion
Title 2 W.K.U. International Champion

Yusuf is a professional Kickboxing Muay Thai fighter, based in the UK (London). He’s been training for 11+ years, and has a fight record of 18-2, which includes 10 professional fights (8 wins, 4KO’s, and 2 loses). Along his fight journey, Yusuf’s managed to capture the WKU International prestige title, as well as the WKU English Title.

Between fights, Yusuf is occupied with teaching, studying and private 1 to 1 sessions.
Yusuf has been teaching complete beginners to professional fighters (of all ages), for over 4 years, in structured Muay Thai, Kickboxing, fitness classes, and in 1 to 1 private sessions. All sessions are tailored to impart knowledge, to push the body, physically & mentally, whilst enjoying yourself!

Currently, Yusuf is the head coach at Queen Mary University, and has been teaching at the institution for over a year. Working with freshers, to university veterans, the classes epitomise the university ethos of ‘trying something new’, developing a new skill, and be challenged, physically & mentally, during the sessions. For the courageous students, who have wished to challenge themselves in a controlled amateur bout, have had Yusuf alongside aiding in their journey, and has been in their corner on fight night, providing invaluable advice from his experiences.

The private sessions Yusuf offers are tailored to your needs; whether your goal(s) is to work on Muay Thai/Kickboxing technique, shed fat, become fitter, stronger, or a mix of various other goals, he can work alongside you to smash through them using a methodical approach, to ensure results!

Not only does Yusuf work with a range of ages (5+), he’s also able to work with people of all backgrounds, creating a great rapport to ensure he/she gets the most out of the session.

Yusuf is in his 3rd & final year of his BSc in Physiotherapy, from King’s College London. Being aware of correct body mechanics, multiple body systems and their impact on training, as well as injury management and prevention strategies, all contribute to providing you with a great session with, active recovery in mind. Alongside his degree, Yusuf has completed his Kinsioelogy taping (K-Tape) and Sports taping courses and is accredited under the Pro Active banner; with these additional courses, Yusuf is able to provide additional support if needed during the sessions.

Follow Yusuf’s fight journey, as he carves his way to the top, to one day, become a World Champion. Get in contact with any enquires you may have. Allow Yusuf to help start, continue, & evolve your fitness journey now. Why wait for Monday, when you can start today?

Facebook: @Yusufalibomayetaleb